Software Craftsman Atlanta Meetup Recap

Enjoyed my first meeting of Software Craftsman Atlanta at Greater Sum. I was a great experience to step into a group of varying levels of talent that wanted to work together on making things. “As always this is probably more for my sanity than your learning”.

Software Craftsman has a great format starting with “Lightning Talks” where anyone can get up and speak for a few minutes. It was a quiet room so I jumped up and spoke about ES6 Generators¬†which are functions that allow for the pausing and restarting. They can be really valuable in controlling the flow of data.



I was impressed by a few coding camp students who stepped out after 8 hours of class to attend. That says a lot about them.

We spent a few minutes digging into Clean Code by Robert C. Martin, they are covering a few chapters every month. It was a good conversation given the diverse language experiences of the groups (C#, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Clojure) especially since the talk was on Concurrency which is a less understood concept in JavaScript. Here is a LINK to Kyle Simpson’s 3 Part series on it.

For the last hour we grouped up and did mob coding on the “BOWLING” kata. A big focus with this group is on Test Driven Development (TDD), which I have not done much of but as I do I can really see the value. I enjoyed it and I am going to continue to refactor my code and attempt to apply the idea to different design patterns as practice.

Software Craftsman Atlanta Meetup Recap