Braving the DOM

I screwed up……. “As always this blog is more for me than you”. I get that lots of people can be great front-end devs and never really get outside of the frameworks and libraries that are so popular. I am not that guy, I am never confident unless I understand how things work. I’ve been digging through Anthony Alicea and Kyle Simpsons works on JavaSript and now I am starting to tackle the DOM with Cody Lindley’s DOM Enlightenment.


DOM Enlightenment

Cody Lindley (so the reviews say) writes the best book focused on understanding the front end environment. It’s intimidating taking my understanding of JavaScript (it’s getting way deeper) and applying it to the manipulation of the DOM. Many people will never get outside of jQuery etc… but as I’ve dug into jQuery’s source code (which is actually funnish) I am sold of better understanding how to build with the clay of the DOM.

Braving the DOM