Notes From ReactATL Meetup


Great time tonight at ReactATL Meetup hosted by Andrew Smith and Taggart Bowen-Gaddy. It was an open format where people could come in with questions or examples and just talk code. “Like always this is more for my sanity than yours”.

Andrew, talked about dealing with Redux and components the problems that come from multiple components using the same state. He talked about using Reselect and NuclearJS to deal with this with the creation of selectors. I have to be honest I need to dig into it to understand it but, both seem to have good documentation (I’ll add to the list of 45 other libraries I need to look at).

Taggart talked about FalcorJS, which is Netflix’s answer to data management between the server and client built for React.  He showed a proof of concept he has been working on for his team. It is basically a mutable  JSON file. You basically send out a call for a defined box and the server will work to fetch that data and manipulate what is in the box. This box can cache to keep from having to continuously update the whole file. I thought about the idea of “closures” for JSON data transfers (note: I could be completely wrong about this). He also talked in Redux about not using a true Action Generator file and instead holding the Actions in the Components to keep from experiencing errors due to poorly called or worded dispatches.

I showed off some simple React examples I have run up. They were good examples for the guys who had not seen Redux. You can access them below and compared the differences in main components between regular React and React Redux:

Weather App

Timer App,

Todo App w/ Redux (note: I am adding authentication and moving this over to Firebase so if you notice a functionality issue, sorry)

PS. I think Google’s Firebase is VOODOO. You can find the source code for these projects on my GitHub.

Notes From ReactATL Meetup