Manheim, CSS Style Injection & Apprenticeships

Most of us know very little about the Dealer Auction Company Manheim. But, they are doing a great job promoting innovation not only for them & Cox (their parent company) but also the development community as a whole in Atlanta. I was impressed with their blending of professional development and partnership with Atlanta Fullstack. “As always this blog is more for my sanity than you.”



Style Injection

React‘s use of JSX a format that through transpilers such as Babel has allowed us to embedded our HTML into our JavaScript has opened the doors to even more componentization in our apps. Now, the idea is slowly gaining traction to also place our CSS in components as well. (You can find a link to the presentation here). I like the idea of continuing to build components (when you can) that are compartmentalized with all of the pieces of the puzzle in one place (as long as that puzzle is nice and simple). A few frameworks mentioned were:





A HUGE Company Building An Apprenticeship Program

I think it is awesome that a large company is thinking about developing talent rather than hunting it down. It makes sense for Manheim, they are a Rails organization (I think) which means (and I’m stereotyping) that many of the potential developers they are going to attract are not from a traditional CS background (I think of bootcamps), it allows them to cultivate quality talent on a trial basis, it takes HR out of the equation. I could not find a link to their fall program but here is one to this summers application.

Manheim, CSS Style Injection & Apprenticeships

Software Craftsman Atlanta Meetup Recap

Enjoyed my first meeting of Software Craftsman Atlanta at Greater Sum. I was a great experience to step into a group of varying levels of talent that wanted to work together on making things. “As always this is probably more for my sanity than your learning”.

Software Craftsman has a great format starting with “Lightning Talks” where anyone can get up and speak for a few minutes. It was a quiet room so I jumped up and spoke about ES6 Generators which are functions that allow for the pausing and restarting. They can be really valuable in controlling the flow of data.



I was impressed by a few coding camp students who stepped out after 8 hours of class to attend. That says a lot about them.

We spent a few minutes digging into Clean Code by Robert C. Martin, they are covering a few chapters every month. It was a good conversation given the diverse language experiences of the groups (C#, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Clojure) especially since the talk was on Concurrency which is a less understood concept in JavaScript. Here is a LINK to Kyle Simpson’s 3 Part series on it.

For the last hour we grouped up and did mob coding on the “BOWLING” kata. A big focus with this group is on Test Driven Development (TDD), which I have not done much of but as I do I can really see the value. I enjoyed it and I am going to continue to refactor my code and attempt to apply the idea to different design patterns as practice.

Software Craftsman Atlanta Meetup Recap