Great Resources For Learning JavaScript

As a former teacher and coach and someone who is probably about 1500 hours back into development (lets not count college) I have a certain way of learning things. I need to really understand what is going on not just at the syntax level but the processes behind it if I am going to feel comfortable with it. Here are 3 resources that will change the way you look at JavaScript:

JavaScript Understanding the Weird Parts by Anthony Alicea

1000 hours in I had no clue what the “Execution Stack” was or how a “Closure” really worked. This changed the way I thought about code by making me think about how the engine worked. It’s $30 on Udemy and worth it.

You Don’t Know JS by Kyle Simpson

After digging through Anthony’s work I jumped into Kyle’s 6 (yes I said 6) books on JavaScript. One day I will meet Kyle, he will not know me but, I may just hug him (or buy him a beer). You could buy these or you could realize he is a walking saint and visit the GitHub page to access all of them.

All IT Ebooks

This one may be the best and worst resource you ever use. It’s hundreds upon hundreds of dev ebooks. Where do you even start?

Great Resources For Learning JavaScript

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